Using the Timer on Your iPhone to Put Your iPhone Music to Sleep

A lot of people love to listen to music before they go to sleep.

Some people even say it helps them fall asleep.

The problem some times is that when you start to play your music, there really isn’t a convenient way to turn your music off after a while, without waking up. In fact, I have known people who just play their music when they go to sleep, then if they get up in the middle of the night, that is when they turn it off. If not they just let it play all night long. Talk about a waste of battery.

Let me show you how to effectively set a timer for your music on your iOS device.

The first thing you are going to do is click on the Clock App on your device.

Next, you are going to want to click on the Timer. Then you are going to set the amount of time that you want to play your music.

When you are done doing this, you are going to want to click on “When Timer Ends.” You are then going to want to scroll to the bottom and look for “Sleep iPod.” When you find it, click on it and press the “Set” button.

And you are now ready to play your music for the amount of time you set your iOS device timer to. I hope this helps those of you that love to play your music before you go to bed and help you save on that battery life.


    • says

      Hi Suzi,

      Just double checked on my iPhone and it’s there but only when you’re in the timer, not the stop watch.

      Are you sure you’re looking in the timer?


  1. jr says

    I only have the option of “Stop Playing” at the bottom of my “When Timer Ends” list. I wonder if a recent iOS 5 update renamed the button from “Sleep iPod” to “Stop Playing”

    I have an iPod touch 4, running iOS 5.1

    • says

      You are correct. I missed that but must have changed in an update to iOS.

      It has the same effect of stopping music after a period of time but yes it says “Stop Playing” now…

  2. Ellen says

    Hi, I used to use this function on my 4s, but since iOs it no longer switches the phone off when it stops playing. Now it runs out of battery and my alarm doesn’t go off making me late. I don’t want to charge it overnight. Any solutions? I want sleep to make the whole phone go into standby mode.

    • says

      Hi Ellen,

      You are correct, you’re phone should not stay on – try this.

      Start the music app playing a song or playlist, go to the timer and set that to however long you require, then push the power button at the top to put it to sleep.

      You should find that it keeps playing then shuts off when you’ve set and the phone should then sleep….

      Let me know if that works.

  3. Brennan Lawrence says

    Awesome little trick! I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately and I don’t have a lot of self control to stop listening! This will be awesome to use tonight!

    • says

      Hi John.

      Just checked mine here, it does. Perhaps it’s to do with the version of iOS.

      iOS 5 and iOS 6 does support this on 4, 4s and the new iPhone 5.

      Which version of iOS are you running?

      • Hayley says

        I know it’s a bit pre-historic but I’ve got the 3gs and I only have ‘stop playing’ as an option, which actually stops it playing for a few seconds, then it continues to play :(

        • says

          HI there Hayley.

          That’s weird! I do remember that the wording has changed ‘stop playing’ is what it used to be, very strange that it starts going again though… Which version of iOS are you running?

  4. says

    Thanks for this post! I listed to sleep music at night & make a short playlist so it will stop playing. I knew there must be a simpler way but I thought I would have to download a third party app. This is very useful.

  5. James Wingo says

    I listen to music using an app, is there a way to use the timer that will cut the app off or my phone off?

    • says

      James, I think in that case it would rely on the specific app that you’re using to support this.

      Some do… have a look around the settings.

  6. ahmed says

    wow.. i hv been lookin for this feature for since i use iphone in 2009. this feature was available on ipod n was pretty easy to find. they shud hv incorporate it into music app instead of clock app on iphone

    anyways.. thnks. now i can do on iphobe wht i did wit my ipod before

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